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Our Thinking

Illogical Study values materials and processes that provide purpose and meaning to our lives.
We believe design is about problem solving. It is a means to improve the quality of our lives, so we offer pure solutions and innovation of well-crafted products.
We source sustainable, ethical and enduring materials as our products are designed to have long lives.  
We make and design all our products in Melbourne, Australia.

We Design with You

Start a conversation with us to  find beautiful, innovative solutions from start to finish.
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We Make for You

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We have comprehensive capabilities and the attention to detail to make your vision come to life. 


Meet The Makers

Illogical Study are brothers who work seamlessly to bring you high quality, beautiful contemporary designs.


David is a certified Furniture Designer with a creative mind and a sharp eye. He is always looking for creative solutions and pushing what's possible to achieve super clean simple functional forms. He does this with abstract thought and a strict focus on wood and metal working traditions. 

Rory is an industrial Designer and has a broad material and technology knowledge base of many disciplines. He possesses a meticulous, mechanical mind that can distil solutions to some of the most challenging designs briefs.

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